NCspeed Products and Functions

NCspeed Optimize

The standard package for the optimization of nc files. It includes the powerful feedrate adaptation technology as well as the air cut optimization and the tool overload detection.

NCspeed Optimize MS

Same as above, but with machine simulation.

NCspeed Optimize 5x

Same as NCspeed Optimize, but ist supports also 3+2 axis nc-files as well as simultaneous 5 axis nc-files. The holder collision check and the calculation of minimum tool length can be performed for 3 and 3+2 axis nc-files. The feedrate adaptation can also be calculated for 3+2 and simultaneous 5 axis toolpath when using ball cutters.

NCspeed Optimize 5x MS

Complete package for optimization and collision checking. Feedrate adaptation and machine simulation for 3, 3+2 and 5 axis simultaneous.

NCspeed Check

The standard package for checking nc-files. Included is the material removal simulation, the holder collision check, the calculation of the minimum tool length using a given holder, the machiine simulation with complete collision check and the tool overload control.

NCspeed Check 5x

Same as above, but with machine simulation.

NCspeed Entry

Small entry package with restricted functions for a reduced price. Included is the powerful feedrate adaptation technology, the material removal simulation and the tool overload detection.
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